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FSMagnet overview

FamilySearch Magnet (FSMagnet) is a batch image downloader software, to download scanned images from FamilySearch.com website automatically. You can download about 400-500 pictures / hour to your hard drive, and then browse without waiting  seconds or minutes for download every images.

Because the FSMagnet working by mouse click and keyboard press emulation, the download  function will be paused, when any other program get the focus.

Download / update

Download for free from here: FSMagnetSetup.exe  version 1.09 (2 MB)

If you want to updade your existing version, just download and run the FSMagnetSetup.exe

FSMagnetSetup.exe doesn't contain malware, adware or other harmful programs.

For Internet Explorer users:  if the SmartScreenFilter is enabled, then "fsmagnetsetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer" message maybe popup. Please click on "Actions" button, and click on "Run anyway", or use FireFox, Google Chrome, or any other browser.  

License / price

This software is working without activation as freeware,  but restricted to download only 20 pages, in one batch. (You can start unlimited batch.)
If you want use the unrestricted version, buy FSMagnet software via PayPal,  inside the software, only for 10 EUR!

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Screen1 Screen2
Download images Information: How to use / How to buy

Version history


Contact me if you have any questions/queries: fsmagnet.ng@gmail.com